Colour is something we can connect with as we interact with our lives. A very basic definition of what colour actually is reveals a bit of the practical fun that colour can bring to an individual life or space. Colour is actually not defined as simply shades we see with our eyes. Colour is light bouncing off our visual spectrum and creating a visual entirely controlled by our minds. Which is why in different lights, colours can look so different.

Colours have various meanings and effects on people; if you want start adding more colour to your life, first and foremost, start by adding more light! Light in the home brings out the colours inside it and can reflect new colours as well, and bright natural lighting can also have a huge positive effect on the mind. Open those blinds!

Also consistently keep in mind: intensity matters! Vibrant, strong colours have a true impact on our senses more so than lighter, more pastel shades do, so if you’re looking for a big effect or statement then choose rich shades.

You can mix your moral and goal-oriented intentions with colour in so many ways. Your furniture, your style, your clothing, your interiors, your walls, these can all be controlled with colour and have a sizeable impact on your life and your goals.

There are many incredibly easy ways to experiment with colour that you can test out today! Here are a few things to know about the different basic colours, to get you started on your colour journey:

Yellow adds warmth and brilliance to a space and the life inside it.

In traditional feng shui, the centre of your space is a great place for yellow to be present. The presence of a yellow wall has the ability to foster a grounded, positive, healthy space. Yellow is sometimes considered a colour associated with stimulating inspiration and deeper thought.

Green represents change, growth and flexibility.

Studies have shown that seeing a green or leafy landscape while healing from an illness can speed the healing process. A vibrant green wall can emanate the outdoors and create a spirit of nature within your home, giving off a fresh vibe.

Wearing green or using green utensils are also fun ways to integrate this wood spirit into your everyday.

Blue imitates the water element, peace and wonder.

Blue in the home has been known to enhance self-esteem and assist in clearer communication. Blue is also known to aid in effective problem-solving and has been said to even sometimes calm anxiety. Chronic dieters also take note: blue has been said to be an appetite suppressant for many! Although, it is also said that large doses of blue can cause introverting and can be overwhelming, so be light-handed with the blue to truly profit from it.

Red galvanizes action and can raise your heart rate.

Red often correlates with fire, an element that sparks immediate change and inspiration. Red is fascinating and powerful, so use a slight hand with the red, and it’ll do the trick. Red can be very beneficial to those with a new job or entering a new position in life. Red doors, which are often associated with traditional feng shui, are thought to bring in success.

Violets or Purples are great for reflection rooms or spaces where motivation and/or spiritual liveliness takes place.

Purple is recognized alongside wealth and grace in the mental and physical sense — used often in the far left away from the entrance, it is known to amp up the fortunate energy.

Violet can be a “spacey” colour, so less is best in rooms meant for gathering and socializing with friends and family.

Orange is an awesome choice for adding energy and warmth to a space

Orange is often related to health when it comes to incorporating it into your home. Orange is an ideal colour to use when healing from an illness or working towards change. Pastel orange or coral or peach shades have been known to entirely transform walls and truly make a space feel happier.

Wall Stickers and Decals

The last suggestion is not a colour for your walls but instead is a suggestion to add some personalized touches in the form of decals, paintings, stickers, etc. At your local home hardware or interior design shop you can find an array of decorations for your wall. These decorations can be vinyl stickers, paintings, or wall hangings. These additions can really personalize a space and make it unique to you, giving your guests an idea of your individual style and flare.

I hope with this simple colour guide you can narrow down what colour to paint your walls! Time for some colourful change!

Adding Colours to Your Walls