furniture matching your interiorOne small piece of furniture could be the key to bringing the entire interior design of your home to life. Identifying the proper colours and creating your own design is the key to establishing your own type of personal ambience in your home.

Some may choose to reupholster all of the furniture in their home in an attempt to change the whole vibe of the home, and it can work if the right colour and patterns are chosen during the redesign process.

Taking a second to evaluate your colour patterns, intended vibe, ambience and the overall feel you are going for in your home could be the key to the perfect interior design for your home. Here are 7 things to consider when matching your furniture to your interior.

1. Colour Choice is Key

wallpaper colour combinationAsk yourself what ambiance you want to create in your home. Colour selection says a lot about your home and the overall connection of the interior design. Colour creates connections for interactions in life. The proper colours can bring a room to life. Consider the meaning of these colours when you are matching your furniture to your interior.

  • Yellow: Warmth and abundance of life in the room.
  • Blue: Quiet, peace, and calmness throughout your home.
  • Orange: Triggers energy and warmth in a room.
  • Red: High levels of energy and intense feelings
  • Green: Change, growth, and abundance throughout your home.
  • Purples: Perfect for spaces of reflection, healing, and growth throughout your home

2. Take Furniture Layout into Consideration

Observe the shape of your room and the way your interior is designed. The positioning of your new furniture can help bring life to your room. You will need to match your new or reupholstered furniture to the current design of your room. Align your furniture in a way that will help balance the decor, colors and styles of the room.

3. Hire a Professional Interior Designer or Consultant

We are not all blessed with the eye of an interior designer. Professional interior designers are skilled in identifying the small additions that will help you to choose the perfect furniture to match your space. Designers specialising in upholstery offer expert advice on remodeling your existing furniture to match your evolving lifestyle.

4. Consider your Personality

personality matters into your home furniture

Your personality can help you match your furniture to your interior. What do you want your home to say about your personality? Pick furniture and reupholster fabrics that represent your style and your intentions. If bright colours don’t suit you, use classic woods or stainless steel to add a pop of personality to your space. Bring a plain all-white room to life with eclectic furniture and coloured lighting.

5. Keep an Open Mind

Your initial thought may be to just match your furniture to your current interior. Don’t be afraid to make some changes to your interior that will complement your new furniture. Consulting with a handyman can help you rebuild part of your interior to add to the flair of your design. Think about it as not only matching your furniture to your interior but also matching your interior to your furniture. Adjusting your interior will add to the overall ambience of your room or your home.

6. Accessorise Your Home

Think outside the box when you are picking your new furniture. Think of your space as a great outfit. To style a great outfit, you need staple pieces and eye-catching accessories to bring it all together. Redesigning your room and choosing your new furniture should be fun. Choose a floor lamp with flair or a rug that will help the couch pop. Every small addition to your space will help you to match your furniture to your interior.

7. Mix and Match

Think outside of the box when you are shopping for your furniture. Don’t purchase all of your pieces from one collection. Mix and match your pieces to add edge and flair to your home. Think about the pieces you already have. How can you use them to accent your home? You will be surprised how many new ways you can use to match your furniture to your interior when you start to think of ways other than colour matching.

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How to Match Your Furniture to Your Interior