The wallpaper is very prepared for its next act. This longtime decorating taboo and polarizing paint alternative has made a comeback to fashion. This is because of its new materials, dimensional fabrics and ultra-stylish prints that make it both easy to install as well as remove. Wallpapers offer more drama compared to paint thus can successfully reflect one’s personal style and transform a room without hurting your budget. There are even designers that liken it to contemporary art particularly for the mass market.

New Wallpaper Trend

Why is Wall Paper Coming Back?

The big comeback is attributed to the sales spike of style bloggers on Instagram and HGTV. Other people believe that the renewed interest has partly to do with a backlash to sterile grays-whites-neutrals of the early aughts and the 90’s. It also has to do with the recent obsession with clustered collectibles and layered rugs of the renowned California bohemian aesthetic.

Millennial consumers are credited with driving the trend because they are new to the wallpaper as well as to the housing market. Some of our wallpaper supplies in Melbourne have sold out within minutes of putting them live!

What’s New?

The modern wallpapers are quite different from the traditional ones. This is because the prints are fantastically whimsical and dramatically oversized. They are characterized by patterns that appear right from the runway and from storybooks. They have much richer colors that add more color to your walls. The fabrics of the wallpapers are three-dimensional and textured. Furthermore, the images of modern wallpapers possess a sharpness that is lifelike because of the major advances made in digital printing.
Modern Wallpapers Design
There are also wallpapers that are scaled and printed from personal photographs which can be enlarged to mural size or tiled. However, designers emphasize on restraint when using modern wallpapers. This means that it is only used purposefully and sparingly in a room or two, it has the financial advantage to consumers.
They are also characterized by low maintenance because of new technology that includes effective adhesive formulas as well as stick-and-peel fabrics which do not leave residues on walls. Therefore, modern wall papers cause less stress and less mess.

Modern Wallpaper Guidelines

The following are a few guidelines on modern wallpapers:

  • Types – Wallpapers are categorized by their adhesive coating and material. Renters like nonwoven substrate paper that easily dry-strips from walls. Pre-pasted papers are equipped with an adhesive backing that is activated by water. Wallpapers can be purchased as single rolls or double rolls (bolts).
  • Different WallpapersPrint matching – The match is what guides you on how to line up patterns from 1 strip to the next. The 3 types are drop, random and straight. Straight-match papers normally run the entire width of the paper as well as across the seam to the next strip. Drop-match papers required to be aligned both vertically and horizontally on both sides since is a bit offset from one strip to the next. Random-match papers just proceed seamlessly.
  • Upkeep – Wallpapers are highly durable in this modern era hence attract low-maintenance costs. Papers that are scrubbable are cleaned via a detergent and a sponge while washable ones are simply wiped using a damp cloth.


The above insightful information clearly indicates that wallpapers are truly back because of their versatility i.e. centerpiece for design, as a technique to make living spaces feel like home and to set the ideal mood.
Wallpaper on a Comeback